Thank you for your interest in our new range of Cars, the Toymota Selica.


Borat-Toymota Inc. are a long established manufacturing company, based in the Glorious Republic of Kazak in Central Asia.  


Under Muscovite direction, our company manufactured mainly agricultural equipment to serve Kazak’s vast agriculturalproduction, that was then taken away to feed our beloved comrades to the west, who were generous enough to provide us with their five year plans and intellectuals needing retraining in return.  Our expertise in the production of durable, but light-weight cart-springs able to withstand the harsh roads of rural Kazak became well known throughout the old Soviet empire.  Because of our growing reputation, during this period comrades from Moscow and Sachsen joined Borat-Toymota in order to set up production of the Trabant Limousine, under licence from VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in the German Democratic Republic.


As a result, the Borat-Toymota made Trabant cars became famous throughout the scrap-yards of Central-Asia for their indestructible body-shells and superb suspension units, which are now recycled as chicken sheds,pig-housing and as a base for many of the environmentally friendly, horse-drawn transport, for which our glorious Kazak is well known.


Following the lifting of the Muscovite yoke and freedom for Kazak, Borat-Toymota went through a slight decline, but continued to produce the agricultural equipment for which it had become well known.  However, following the successful publicity tour of America carried out by one of our comrades and a successful documentary film which was followed by an influx of tourist income, Borat-Toymota was able to re-equip and update our manufacturing plant.  Now, using a combination of  expertise from our Trabant manufacturing period and our experience in strong, durable but light-weight agricultural equipment, Borat-Toymota are delighted to launch the first of a new range of cars.  Inspired by Japanese Design. Built with Cutting Edge Kazak Technology.  Made in Central-Asia for the rest of the world.


To add the finishing touch to our vehicles, Borat-Toymota Inc. proudly embellishes their products with the badge which features the famous Kazak Eagle, the national emblem and animal of our proud republic.




About Borat-Toymota Cars and Agricultural Equipment.  Central Asia’s New Force in Manufacturing.
The Glorious Kazak Eagle
The Glorious Kazak Eagle
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