As a photographer, Philip has worked part-time as a freelance artist since 1981.  Initially in parallel with working in the fashion manufacturing industry and since 1991 alongside his work as a financial adviser in the UK and Middle East.


Previous to 1981, Philip was a keen amateur photographer since the age of 7, with early photographs often showing him weighed down by his first twin-lens medium format reflex camera.


In early 2007, Philip was running an investment, mortgage and insurance brokerage, as well as writing articles for the financial press and freelance business consultancy, when he decided that it was time to leave the world of “finance” behind and move on to concentrate full time as a photographic artist.  As part of this career move, Philip also chose to enrol as a mature student on a Photography Degree at the University of Wales, Newport.  Arguably with one of the best known and respected university photography departments anywhere in Europe, if not the World.


During his time at university based in Caerleon, Philip also worked as a Student Mentor, providing support to other students, mainly in the Art Media and Design school, but also across other disciplines as well.


Since becoming a full time photographer, Philip’s work can reasonable be divided into two areas:  Art and Commercial/General Purpose.


Philip’s commercial work encompass a fairly comprehensive list of clients, from magazines to the military (please click here to see some of those clients), as well as many individual private clients for portraiture, family and social photography.  For further information relating to Philip’s commercial practice, please follow this link:


The commercial work, however, helps to fund and promote Philip’s art photography projects, of which the “Toymota Selica, New Car Launch” is one.  Philip’s are photography is available to purchase online, either through this site for the Toymota project,  via his Photographic Art website ( or through the online galleries of Saatchi or Art Gallery who both represent him and carry some of his work



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